Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Busy Day

 Today started with some good news.  At last, virgin media have upgraded our Internet speed free of charge.  I rang out the speed which should be 50Mbs and found it to be 54.02Mbs  That is way above the local average as you can see from the stats.  Very pleasing.

I have a fast computer which can take advantage of the 5Ghz wireless connection, but the old laptops are a bit slower at 32Mbs - still much faster than the old speed and only able to connect at the 2Ghz processor speed.

The gas fitter came to do our annual service and checks today and the boiler and system are running clean and efficiently.  Another satisfying event.

Last week we had a rear end shunt on the Uttoxeter bypass.  We stopped in traffic, but the big grey Audi behind us did not stop.  With a dented and split back panel and a crazed numberplate, our Vauxhall Meriva was still fully roadworthy, but in need of repair.  Now that the bank holiday is over, the insurers had the car collected and I have been informed that there is no underlying damage and the repair is purely cosmetic - a new back panel and numberplate.  The panel has to be imported so we are looking at 7 days for the repair.
No problem, the insurers have put a new Vauxhall Astra on our drive this afternoon, so we are able to get about.  Good old Churchill.

I have finally sorted out the damaged links in my family history website and structured up a new family history website for Rosie.  I like it when things are busy but not too demanding.

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