Monday, 4 May 2015

Setting the Scenery

After losing yet another Nikon lens cap, I have found a company called Eggsnow who produce a tethered lens cap which fixes to the camera or the camera strap.  Hopefully, lost lens caps are now a thing of the past.
My last simulated scenery project was a 1970 layout of RAF Oakington in Cambridgeshire.  I flew from this station as an Air Cadet when it was active as 5 FTS, training RAF Navigators in Vasity T-1 aircraft.  The station is now a housing estate.
To help me work out the use of scenery elements, I have designed a fictitious airport on North Arran in Scotland.  It is equipped with all of the latest navigation aids and has a shorter runway than most airports, with a challenging approach.
My BN Islander is a good aircraft to use to check out the facility as it is equipped with navigational aids and can land in less than half of the runway space.
It allows me to see the layout of runway and taxiway signage and test the position of taxiways.
I can also make sure that there are no obstructions to visibility and that the aircraft can use the taxiways and parking without bumping into anything.
All parked up and ready for a cuppa.

FSX acceleration RAF Oakington

BN Islander Simulation - Just Flight

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