Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A treat at Duxford

As a birthday treat, Rosie took me to IWM Duxford to see the changes in the collections.  The American Hanger is being refurbished and many of the aircraft are housed in different locations, including some of the previously suspended aircraft being seen standing on the ground.
Whilst we were there, the PBN Catalina was in for a tidy up and wash down ready for the air display season.  The ground crew were daft enough to pose for me here.
Ground handling onto the apron requires a tractor tow and a set of wing observers to ensure that the machine is moved between the hangers safely.  The modified access hatch can be seen in the open position ahead of the main wheel.
Now for the scrub down - the floats can be seen extended to allow cleaning of the frames and housings.  I like this old aircraft, it is full of quirky character.  This aircraft was built in 1943 in Canada and was one of the last production aircraft, being 72 years old, making this the oldest airworthy amphibious aircraft in the UK.

Out at the end of the taxiway was a Spitfire and parked behind that was the Blenheim IV.  This aircraft has suffered a couple of crashes over the years and was restored to flying condition in November last year.  It is the first time I have seen this aircraft, it is not usually in the display hangers.

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