Saturday, 27 June 2015

Summer food is coming on

 The greenhouse is looking tidy today and the plants, which were grown from seed, are starting to show flowers and fruits.  Some of the courgettes have already been eaten, the tomatoes are starting to produce green fruits and the lettuce will soon be big enough to pick.  Aubergine and peppers are still quite immature, but they will grow on when the weather warms up a bit more.
 Outside I have some raspberries in pots and Rosie bought a blueberry plant which still needs to grow on.  That should produce fruit next year.
 The beds are looking green.  We have already picked several punnets of gooseberries and the Rhubarb is coming to an end.  This year I am looking forward to French Beans and Broad Beans.  There are also several Brussels Sprout plants and several varieties of Potato to look forward to.
The next crop to ripen are the Strawberries - provided that I can keep the slug population away from them.  this year seems a bit slow as we have not had many really warm days yet.

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