Sunday, 23 August 2015


This year I have grown fewer tomato plants in  the greenhouse, though the two cherry tomato plants are producing fruit faster than we can eat it.
These tiny and sweet tomatoes are usually eaten whole in salads.  To use some of them up I decided to have tomatoes on toast for lunch.
Skinning them is a real phaph and it seemed to take ages to remove the tough skins.  The skill here is putting them in boiling water for a few seconds, just enough to release the skins, but not enough to pulp the flesh.
Of course, this has to be served on toast made from home baked bread.
Just pop the skinned tomatoes into a hot pan with a little olive oil and cook until they start to pop and lose juice.  A bit of freshly ground black pepper and a quick stir and they are ready to be dropped onto the toast.
I love food fresh from the garden.  These tomatoes are very sweet and juicy and well worth the effort to prepare.  Next time I shall add a little freshly picked basil leaves to give a more Mediterranean taste.

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