Friday, 4 September 2015

JCB Rocester

 This morning I dug up the remaining few plants of our potato crop.  This year has been a good one for spuds and we have quite a few 'Juliette' left and some 'Salad Blue'.
 Later, a trip to the lake at JCB Rocester to meet friends, gave us an opportunity to check up on a few familiar birds.  On the way, we passed an excavator with a road cleaning kit fitted, reflected in the windows of the JCB World Headquarters.
 The Black Swans are always around if you look for them.
 The Eider Duck which was most likely blown in on high winds last year is still on the lake.  It seems to be doing well, but it is a lone Eider amongst the Geese and other birds.
 A pair of bar headed geese always stand out.  They are a joy to see.
There are also several Egyptian Geese on the lake - this one is strutting across the grass to meet us.

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