Saturday, 19 September 2015

Tidying up the greenhouse

The garden is less productive now and many of the plants have been harvested.  I have just collected the last of the broad beans and taken off the remaining courgettes before the slugs get too hungry to resist them.
Butterflies seem to be abundant at present, after seeing very few earlier in the year.  This Red Admiral was feeding in the new beds next to the greenhouse.
As the daytime temperature drops and the hours of light are reducing, the tomato plants in the greenhouse are slowing down and becoming less productive.  Tomatoes have stopped ripening and the stems are starting to die back.
Cucumbers are also affected by the changing weather.  I have not bothered to use the heater this years as the cost of fuel would exceed the benefit of the remaining crops gained.
Late planted lettuces are OK and growing on a pace.  They should be in the table in a week or so.
Having sorted out the greenhouse, I am now eager to see if I pass the work inspection.....

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