Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Dried Cranberries

At this time of year we check the cupboards for date issues on packets of food.  Amongst the "turf outs" was a pack of dried cranberries which were on their use by date. 
These were soaked for a couple of hours in hot water, then chopped on to small pieces.
My intention was to make some Welsh cakes using cranberries instead of currants.  The water that the cranberries were soaked in was needed in the mix as it would contain all of the water soluble nutrients and flavour.  (Be-ro book recipe)
Roll out the dough and cut into thin rounds.
Cook on a warm griddle - they are quick and easy when you have mastered the knack.
..And it is something to keep me occupied whilst I am waiting for a batch of bread to bake.
Verdict - Yum!

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