Thursday, 31 December 2015

Steam on

I have just purchased FSX Steam from the web.  It was on offer at £3.99 which is a bargain sale price after the Christmas rush.  This flight simulator is the same as the defunct FSX Gold Acceleration, which was taken on by Steam when Microsoft abandoned it.

I have added my old FSX enhanced files, so I am able to fly my Diamond Twin from Molokai to Oahu in spring weather (The Hawaian Islands have climate rather than seasons). The starting point is Molokai Airport at Kaunakakai.

On departure, the cloud base was 4000 feet, so for a short hop, low flying was the best option.
Approaching Oahu we hit rain.  The island was visible even in this weather.  Had we been above the clouds, we would have needed to rely on instruments only flying.
The approach to Honolulu airport is along the shore line to the south of the island.
Approach to most of the runways is over the sea. and landing slots can be tight at this busy airport.
Clearing the runway as quickly as possible, there is a lot of taxiing to do before the aircraft can be parked.
Eventually The engines can be switched off and the journey is complete.  The advantage of the Simulation is that there are no fuel costs and landing fees - and you can pause and have a cuppa half way there.
There are very few issues with the FSX Steam simulator on my computer, it is almost identical to its predecessor software.  Happy flying.

Windows 10 Home
Intel i3-4150 cpu (4x 3.5GHz)

6GB RAM      1GB Graphics Card

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