Saturday, 12 December 2015

Winter Birds

 Robins are seen in most places at this time of year.  They sing melodiously and hang around for any food opportunities that come along.  One of the robins in our garden has learnt to perch on the feeders - they usually fly in and grab food on the wing.
 The sparrow population is high this year, probably due to the abundance of food and the safety of the hedges around our garden.  With the aid of the odd squirrel (and we do have some odd ones), they can empty the feeders in a day.
 Magpies are also doing well and we often see them at the edge of the garden.  We will only put food out for these birds when the snow is about.
Down at Westport Lake, the black headed gulls are resting in orderly fashion.  These gulls are all year residents and they have probably never seen the sea.

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