Thursday, 7 January 2016

It's wet again

This year is just about the wettest that I can remember.  It seems to have been raining here for a couple of months with little respite.
At 9am the bird feeder base was under a centimetre of water.  The ground was so wet that there was nowhere for it to go.  The water table is above ground level at this point in these sodden conditions.
Outside, the temperature is about 6 degrees Celsius and rising.  The forecast is for cooler weather, but we have not seen that yet.  With one exception, so far the winter weather has been warmer than the seasonal norm every day.  It is not British to long for frost and snow, but the confusion of spring plants emerging before winter has set in is going to be a problem later in the season.  I cannot do early planting in this weather.
Still, the mild weather has meant that the birds and squirrels are well fed and healthy.  We are getting through more bird feed this year than usual.  Goldfinches are abundant and we have occasional thrushes visiting.

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