Saturday, 12 March 2016

Bird Oddities

 Whilst out about Trentham Gardens, yesterday, we saw the crocus bird beds on the lawns by the River Trent.  Last year these birds were predominantly white, but they have appeared mainly purple this time.
By the lakeside, two swans were building a nest near the main footpath.  I wonder if they will stay at this location?
 A mandarin duck hen bird was spotted high in a tree.  This seemed an unusual place for a duck.
Not so - its partner was nearby and perched for quite some time.  This is the first time I have seen these ducks in trees, but is is apparently not unusual.
 Now I think that you will agree that this is a little more unusual for a swimming bird.  This pheasant tried to fly across the canal at Consall station, but could not get enough of a climb to clear the railway embankment and ended up in the water.
Pheasants cannot take off from water as they are too heavy and waterlogged feathers do not function well in this poor flier.  Not to be put out, the bird calmly swam across to the low bank and proceeded to follow the canal side, looking for a low point at which to climb out of the water.

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