Wednesday, 18 May 2016

In the garden

 The tomatoes are coming on a pace - flowers are starting to emerge and it will not be long before fruit starts to appear.
 Rosie is drying some rosemary which we pruned back this year to allow other herbs to grow in the herb bed.
 I also potted up the raspberries last Autumn and they are also starting to show flowering.  Must remember to feed and water them to get the best results this year.
 The strawberries are in flower and the potatoes, which I planted very early, are now showing a good amount of foliage as the weather warms up.
 I am also pleased to see gooseberries after a very heavy pruning in the Autumn.  We have also had quite a crop of Rhubarb already.
Looking across the side lawn to the raised beds, the wilderness which we rescued last year is now looking like a well established part of the garden.  However, we have had to remove a lot of Wood avens from the beds.  The seeds must have been dormant in the soil and are now germinating after it has been extensively turned over.  The garden is looking good this year.

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