Saturday, 28 May 2016

London Bus Gift Box

 Robert Howard has designed a London Bus gift box which folds up and is secured by a single glue joint.  The box is printed on a single sheet of card and in this form it represents a number 18 London Bus to Wembley.  I have a pre-production copy to test.
 The first job was to score the folds.  For this I used a ruler and a pasta wheel.
 Then the pattern was cut out using a sharp pair of scissors.  A cutting board and a blade would have been a little bit easier for me.
 The join was glued and allowed to set.  At this stage a message can be written on the advertising boards on the sides of the bus box.  An additional comment could be written inside the lid.
 Folding the bottom of the box forms it into its final shape.
Then its down with the lid and the job is complete - Oh - I forgot to add the packing and the present!  I enjoyed making this box.  I am assured that it will be available in other liveries when it is finalised. I am aware of London, Nottingham and Mansfield colours for the test run on several different bus types.

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