Thursday, 16 June 2016

Flash Flood

This afternoon, the heavens opened.  Rain and hail cascaded down from the skies and the garden was wet.  Before long, the out wash from the higher ground started to pour into the garden and across the lawns.
Water was flowing some inches deep between the raised beds, across the pond, down the side lawn and into the front garden and down the street.  Next door's front garden was a river and the road was under water right down the hill.
These pictures are of the flow subsiding.  There will be a lot of cleaning up to do tomorrow.
The steps on the patio look quits calm here, but they looked like a waterfall a few minutes before.
Much of the gravel that the squirrels enjoy pinching and burying in the lawn has been washed across the side lawn.  Many plants have been waterlogged and some pots washed over.
On the bright side - at least the pond will have been cleared of duckweed.  Hope I can recover all of the water Lilys

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