Thursday, 23 June 2016

Peak Wildlife Park

Today is the day of the EU Referendum - a good day to vote early and go out to photograph Lemurs.
We have visited the Peak Wildlife Park in all of its incarnations.  The current owners have developed the site to have few animals, but with an interactive experience.  The visitor can walk amongst them.
I was saddened to find that the male Asian Short Clawed Otter had recently lost his mate.  This is an illusive animal and we were lucky to see him today.  In the past we have seldom seen these animals as they are allowed to live their life on their own terms to a large extent.
The Black and White Ruffed Lemurs are a friendly bunch.  This one came to investigate me and examine my camera.  However, he soon lost interest in things that cannot be eaten.
It is the Ring-tail Lemurs that catch the eye.  They have young and they are free to move around the visitors in their enclosure.  The challenge here is to take photographs which do not include bits of  other people.
This family group was fascinating.  The youngsters were running around and climbing in the trees whilst the parents remained still and kept a watchful eye on them.
200 photographs on and what a joyful way to spend a morning.

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