Friday, 17 June 2016

The Aftermath

 After the torrent, the main issue is with displaced gravel.  The gravel around the greenhouse is spread across the bird feeder circle.  At this point I have just brushed some of the gravel off of the lawn.
 The pond is quite disturbed.  The flow of water was across the pond, so there is no duckweed left.   Some of the plants have been moved and I have no idea of how much path gravel is in the pond.
 The water flow has come across the already saturated soils of the forest area and school at the back of the garden.  The flow was through the holly hedge and between the raised beds at the lowest point of the ground.
The greenhouse was flooded, so I opened the drain.  This is a deep soak-away built into the greenhouse floor to allow for drainage if needed (it is normally bunged closed to prevent movement of water into the greenhouse from saturated ground).  The water level in this drain is about the same height as the surface of the lawn.
It is clear that the heavy rain has had an effect on the local wildlife.  One of the resident foxes was out of his comfort zone this morning.

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