Thursday, 2 June 2016

The New Fence

 In November 2014 two young men clambered over our garden fence and collapsed a section, damaging the  rest of the fence.I had a spare fence panel from the back fence which I used to patch up the damage.  Now that we have a little spare cash, we are replacing the weak and damaged fence with a new one.
 Having had the delivery of the materials the day before, the first job was to put up our gazebo to give a little shade on a very sunny day.
 The gate post was the hardest part of the job - removing the old one, with the Internet cable running up the side of it, was a challenge.  Fixing the new post in the same locating holes was also a fiddly job.  This work took a good two hours.  I had put the original fence post in to stay!
 Fixing the gate and the other gate post was easily done before lunch break.
 I have stepped the fence out to be in line with the front of the house.  This gives an L shaped bend near the gate to give structural strength to stop the outer gate post shifting in the clay soil.
The fence alignment takes it directly to the laurel hedge on the property boundary.  The posts have been concreted in this time rather than being ground pegged.
With the side panel placed next to the gate and the sun falling low in the sky, it is time to retire to the comfort of the house and sooth my aching muscles.  I am pleased that I have been able to do this repair as the old fence and gate were close to collapsing.

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