Monday, 6 June 2016

Westport Lake

Westport Lake is an old quarry pit that has been filled with water. It is the local city site for the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and has an eco-friendly building and cafe on the lakeside near the car park. This is an ideal short walk around the wildfowl lake and meadows.
The swans have cygnets and a number of broods are being raised at the lakes.
There is a lone black swan that has been on the lake for some months now.  It does get some grief from the mute swans, but we have also seen it bullying the Canada geese.
The mallards also have ducklings and we saw several coot nests with chicks.
Damsel flies are skiting about on the lakeside, always a joy to see.  It seems very pleasant walking by the water - especially since the air temperature is now 24 degrees Celsius, quite a noticeable difference from the 11 degrees of last week.  Summer is here today.

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