Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hot Hot Hot

Last night the weather forcast was for unusually hot conditions.  This morning at 6.50 am, the temperature in the house was 21 degrees Celcius.  We decided to stay at home today and relax with lots of drinks to hand.
By 11.30, the temperature was up to 33 degrees - as can be seen from the indoor thermometer.
I went into the garage at this point and looked at the car thermometer.  It was just above 20 degrees in the garage - the coolest place at the time.  The heating thermostat was in  the front room, away from the morning sun, and that was reading 25 degrees - the coolest room in the house.
Of course,the bonus is that we can see the tomatoes ripening in the greenhouse in this heat.  It is a good job that I watered them early this morning.  Phew!


Robert said...

Did the same and tried to stay cool. Slept downstairs last night on the murphy bed. If you are feeling it, imagine what it's like for two fatties. Susan took to ice pack collars and standing in front of the freezer with the door which is, thankfully, head height.

Today already seems the same, with the house a bit like the inside of a bread oven, despite all the windows being open because the air is so still. You seem to swim through it and can push the heat aside with your hands.

Memory tells me that 1976 was as bad and went on for weeks, or seemed to, but we were younger, fitter and thinner back then.

Like you I am drinking lots and peeing for England!

Stay cool.

Pterosaur said...

I seem to remember sitting around a lot and drinking gallons of cordial in 1976. I had my own garden shed with an elecric fan installed. That was a bonus then. At last in 76 we had time to aclimatize - this heat is up and down. Oh - and the water supply problems and the bowser at the end of the street - that was fun....