Friday, 19 August 2016

Piglet's Porter

I have been looking for a Pilatus Porter to add to my simulated fleet for some time and have just found this Freeware version by Tim Conrad (Piglet's Peculiar Planes).  It is a Pilatus PC-6C H2 Turbo Porter.
For a first trip I decided to fly this sim aircraft from Papa Stour in the Shetlands, to Fair Isle.
The general layout and texture of the model is very good.  It also handles well on the ground and at take off, and with restricted forward visibility the low side windows are very useful for runway control.
The handling on approach to Fairisle was straight forward and this model is a good aircraft to fly and control first time around.
The Turbo Porter needed about 1000 feet of runway for a standard landing.  Ground handling requires a higher level of skill than aircraft with a trike undercarriage.
I can see why many uitility pilots like this aircraft.  It is a very functional machine on short runways.

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