Sunday, 11 December 2016


 I have just harvested the first of the Brussels sprout plants from the garden.  It is clear that the general availability of sprouts is not good as several stores do not have them on sale, and those that do are charging a lot for them.  I suspect that the harvest has not been so good this year.

Certainly, the sprouts that we have purchased have been poorly formed in part and often required many of the outer leaves removing before cooking.

Oh - perhaps I should put my sprouts into a clearer perspective.  Lets add a pound coin for scale.

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Robert said...

By chance a few days ago I caught the tail-end of a TV program about sprouts which said British farmers grow seven varieties so that supermarkets can now sell them all year round. Beeston shops appear to be awash with them. As to price I don't buy them enough to notice, but I know they keep well, so will now buy my supply for Chtistmas Day on Thursday. I will cook them on Christmas Eve Sophie Grigson style, with onions, carrots and chestnuts in stock, and re-heat them on Christmas Day. Apparently sprouts tasted bitter in before the 1980s when a sweeter variety was introduced, not that I ever noticed a bitter taste when I was a kid in the 1940s and 50s.