Wednesday, 4 January 2017

X-Plane 11 Yippee!

 I have just purchased the digital download for X-Plane 11.  The user key has enabled me to download the Beta X-Plane 11 and the current digital download X-Plane 10 - no more do I have to have the DVD disc1 in my drive to make the thing work.  $59.99 worked out at £49.02 at this time in a debit transaction.  The UK price may vary slightly depending on the exchange rate.
 This flight sim is a very good facsimile of real flying - some of the clouds are a bit basic, but otherwise it is a vast improvement on what has gone before.  The default aircraft set seems to be very good and I quite enjoyed flying this Beechcraft Baron on a trial trip.
As with all Beta test versions, you expect to find faults.  The "elevator down" trim button on my control column cannot be set, so I have to adjust the trim with my mouse or keyboard.  Not a great hardship.  I am now waiting until I can download the UK scenery to be able to test my own design airports.

 P.S. with the UK scenery now loaded, this is me taking off from my test "fictional scenery addition" airfield in  Yorkshire, to fly down to the Humber estuary.
 The default scenery looks very much like UK scenery.  The main roads and house groupings are in the right places on this flight and the motorways and railways can be seen clearly from the air.
 I was also able to fly past the Humber bridge, which is another scenery addition.
 Some of the basic airfields are not adorned with facilities, but that can be rectified with a bit of additional work. All in all a very satisfied customer......

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