Sunday, 5 February 2017


 This morning as I went to get the car out of our garage, I noticed a dark column of smoke emanating from across the City and being blown overhead.  There was the recognisable acrid smell of burning rubber.
On the local radio, the explanation was that a plastic re-cycling plant at Milton was burning and several fire appliances were in attendance.  The advice was for locals to keep their windows and doors closed throughout the day.
 By 10 am we were at the RSPB reserve at Coombes Valley near Cheddleton.  This site is about 12 miles away from the fire at Milton (as the crow flies) and the smoke cloud is clearly visible, rising well over 1000 feet.
 By 12:30 the dark cloud of smoke was becoming more like a column of steam.  It was clear that the fire was coming under control, or the fuel was burned away to a large extent.
By mid afternoon we were back home and the fire was less prevalent in the atmosphere.  The smell of the chemicals was absent and a sign of relief was present in the neighbourhood.

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