Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Local Birds

Last weekend was the RSPB big garden bird watch, which I do with Rosie in our garden.  In the following days I am always keyed up to spotting birds.  I spotted these birds on a stroll around the lake at Trentham Gardens.
We see a few Blue Tits at the feeders in a normal day, but during the bird watch we saw  one in  the last minute.
Another common visitor is the Great Tit, but this bird was absent during our bird watch.  There are lots of them around the Lakeside Cafe, where feeders are put out for them.

The most notable birds at Trentham are the Mute Swans.  Their numbers have increased over the last few years.  They are big birds and they need a good run to take off from the water.  Their wings make a whistling sound on the down beat.  Today they were flying in groups of 2 to 5 birds and circling the lake.

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