Thursday, 23 March 2017

What a day!

About a week ago, our 21 year old cat Max was found to have fleas.  We have had him all this time and he has never had fleas before.  Spraying him has not resolved the problem, so we need to treat the whole house for fleas and flea eggs, not something I am looking forward to.  Job one - off to the pet shop for some spray and a flea collar.

On my return from the pet shop, Rosie informs me that there is sewage leaking from the manhole area across our boundary with our neighbours.  OK - priorities change and I decide to rod the drains from our side.  Bang, there is an obstruction in the drains at 10 rods long.  Need to go next door.
The culprit was a short plank of wood in the drains?  With a bit of effort and a pavement cleaning tool with a spike on the end, we managed to lift the wood, free the blockage, and flush out the problem. Checked the next house along and all was well.  The jam up was exacerbated by masses of face wipes in the sewer from further back up the run.
Rods and tools washed and disinfected, now back to the cat problem.

Most of the rooms had been vacuumed and cleaned by Rosie to lift flea eggs whilst I was out in the garden.  We sprayed as many rooms as we could with a preparation that stops the development of flea eggs and kills fleas.  Then it was into the bathroom to bath Max.  This removed a lot of flea crud and cleared him of fleas.  Out with the hair dryer and dry the cat.  He helped a bit by licking his vital bits to restore the smell of cat to his fur.  Time for a cuppa.
I am not used to this level of work any more.  Still, We have a fine bottle Merlot as a thank you from our neighbours and a very clean house and cat.  Perhaps this calls for a treat of fish and chips for dinner.....

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