Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Landing at Scatsta

Approaching Sollum Voe from the north, keeping to the north and west of the oil terminus, my Piper Cherokee is at about 1000 feet.
Turning into Sollum Voe we need to fly south into the circuit for the Runway at Scatsta, maintaining about 100 knots airspeed.
As we pass the loading docks, we can descend to 800 feet on approach, keeping to the west side of the water. Landing light on, fuel to full rich.
The crosswind turn brings our aircraft within sight of the runway at Scatsta. First flap position and start a descent to 500 feet.
Turn into finals and line up with the runway second flap position at 1 mile out, throttle back and approach at 80 knots, descending to the precision markings, about 500 feet along the runway.
Across the threshold and descending, ready to rotate at about 15 feet.
Throttle to 15% and applying brakes with full flaps engaged.
Turn off onto the taxiway, flaps to fully up, landing light off
Park and switch off engine, lights and master electrics, apply parking brake and chock the wheels.  Off to the cafe for a snack and a rest.

X-Plane 11 and my own addon scenery.

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