Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Djanogly Lakeside Theatre

Today we went to Beeston to park and catch the tram to Nottingham University.  This is a good and relatively inexpensive way of getting into Nottingham.
Our first call was at the Djanogly Gallery to see the extension of the Chinese Dinosaurs exhibition.  This is the free access part of the display which includes two mounted dinosaur skeletons and a number of cast specimens, including three pterosaurs.
The main purpose of this visit was to attend the "Not your father's pterosaurs" talk by Mark Witton, which was bases at Nottingham Lakeside Arts on the University Campus.
The theatre was set for the Jungle Book, which was an appropriate stage set for the talk. This was a stroll through the pterosaurs, from origins to extinction, looking at the evidence and ideas that have been inspired by finds over the last 20 years or so.
There was nothing new to me, but it did leave me with the feeling that Mark's logic and approach to this group of animals was well aligned with my own views on the subject.  What a good talk.




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