Friday, 29 September 2017


Two weeks ago, my car suffered a chipped windscreen, which was repaired in two places, using resin plugs.  The Autoglass repair technician said at the time that it could deteriorate more.  Yesterday, the damage started to open up a crack in the windscreen glass, so a new windscreen was needed.  When I rang for help, the crack was 9 inches long.  The following day it was 13 inches long.
Today my motor interior was exposed to the glorious sunshine as the old windscreen was removed.
A new screen was prepped and cleaned ready to go in.
The new windscreen is glued into place and the retaining structures are fixed over the edges to seal the unit from the weather.
Two new wipers and the car will be road worthy in 30 minutes.  The whole job took less than an hour.  Now the car is back up to MOT standard, ready for its next test in January.

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