Thursday, 16 November 2017

Aeroporto Seymour

Today, I have completed the initial simulated version of Baltra Airport on the Galapagos Islands.The night lighting was a challenge as I have had to generate the lighting towers and illumination from scratch.
A shadow of one of the lighting towers can be seen in the picture below.
Unless you are flying a big jet, you may have to wait for an airliner to taxi down to the far end of the runway and take off.  Aircraft on scheduled flights have priority.
The terminus building was constructed using Google SketchUp.  This took two days of fiddly work to complete.
The final addition was the ferry ports and car park.  The airport sits on Isla Baltra which has no facilities outside of the airport perimeter.  For hotels and shops, the ferry crossing to Isla Santa Cruz is the only option.  Mini bus and ferry access will transfer passengers and staff to Santa Cruz, where the airport car park is located.  This is an unusual arrangement for an international airport.

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