Monday, 4 June 2018

Tiny feet

The local foxes have had 4 cubs, two male and two female.  I was woken early in the night with footsteps on the gravel path.  When I looked out, the cubs were running amok around the garden.  It was far too dark to take photographs.
 Mum was on the lawn the next day, looking good.
She was eager to find me and ask for food.  We give her the scraps that max will not eat during the day, and add a few dog biscuits.  It is a way of ensuring the cat food is not wasted. Last year, when this vixen was a cub, her mother was proud to show her off in our garden.  She is currently keeping her cubs away when we are around.  As a first time mum, this is probably a wise choice.
The dog fox is a bit more cautious and can be difficult to spot.  He is always on the lookout for danger and does not have the trust of his partner in crime.

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