Friday, 14 September 2018

RAF 100

The Royal Air Force are touring the country with aircraft and staff to celebrate 100 years of the RAF.  This weekend they are at Manchester, Albert Square, in front of the Town Hall.
 The aircraft are being demonstrated by RAF personnel in period uniforms.  Here a Battle of Britain Spitfire is in the care of period costumed pilots.
 I wanted to see the Sopwith Snipe that was reported to be on display here today.  This old aeroplane was protected in its own tent from the damp weather.  This is essentially an improved version of the Sopwith Camel of WW1.
 It is quite a rare event to be allowed within touching distance of such an old aircraft.
 A 15 minute walk away was the Museum of Science and Industry.  They have a collection of  old aircraft in a remarkable old trade hall building.
We were able to inspect the cabin of a trident airliner.
And all just a train ride away!

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