Saturday, 6 October 2018

The Trees are Out

 Tidying the garden was the order of the day.  All of the old plants have now been removed from the greenhouse and cuttings made of choice plants.  I have also germinated several trays of grass seed to extend the lawns at a later date.
 Two semicircular beds have been dug over the last few days to enhance the old tired straight bed at the side of the top lawn.  They are now nearly finished.
 I engaged Alex Mizen, tree surgeon, to remove 3 of the Leylandii at the top of the garden.  This has opened out the prospect and provided more light for the raised beds.  It's good to see professionals at work.
 It is surprising how much Leylandii you can get in the back of a truck!
The stumps were a bit of a trial.  The end one was left tall and pulled down using a block and chain pulley and a bit of brute force.  These trees were buried at the base by a mound of builders rubble and earth.  The next job is to level the ground and recover the holly hedge that has grown out at an angle under the Leylandii.  Glad to be rid of these trees.

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