Sunday, 28 October 2018

WW1 at Trentham

Today was a venture into the past.  Trentham gardens were hosting a World  War 1 thank you day in collaboration with the First World War Thank You wall. WWII tanks replicas and an ambulance were there as well at a motorbike group from the British Legion. There was a military band a "George Formby" performance and "Winston Churchill" made a brief appearance (at least he was in the first world war).
I was quite amused by the Spitfire flypast, which was a very entertaining event.
The more interesting event for me was the flypast of an Aeronca L-16a which operated as a spotter plane in the Korean War for the USAAF.  This aircraft found its way to the UK and was registered G-BEAF to fly as a civil aircraft.  It had been decaying in a hangar for 25 years and a recent restoration started in 2016 has put it back into flying order.

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