Saturday, 15 December 2018

Comparing computers

Just for interest, I have taken screen images from my two computers to show the difference between the two versions of X-Plane on each machine.  I have not done this before.
The white and red Piper J3 Cub is on my Pentium i3 computer with 4 processors and a 1MB graphic card.  The yellow Piper J3 Cub is on my Pentium  i7 computer with 12 processors and a 16MB graphic card.
The initial start is at the same airport,  The older computer has 1 screen, so the view is set quite wide for the white and red aircraft.  This sim is running in real time.  The newer machine has 3 screens, though only the middle screen is shown in this screenshot.  The sim is running in zulu-time worldwide (That is GMT fixed time for air traffic which ignores time zones).
At the end of the grass runway, the difference in angle of view on the simulator is very noticeable.  The extra patch in the top left corner of the new machine is a frame rate counter to show how fast or efficiently the simulator is processing the screen images.  That is because I am running this program in test mode to identify potential issues and errors in the software.  The older computer is running a stable version of X-Plane.
The final screenshots are above the airfield.  The display is very similar on both computers and the aircraft handle equally well.
The main difference is that with the older processor, boot up takes about 12 minutes, whilst the newer computer will boot up the program in 2 minutes.

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