Sunday, 16 December 2018

Festivities Begin

 Traditionally, the celebration of Christmas is a 12 day affair starting on Christmas Eve.  Today we went up the road to Little Moreton Hall for a Tudor style pre-Christmas performance by Piva.  Yesterdays event was cancelled due to heavy winds and rain, but today was a different story.
 The jester was a key part of the entertainment with a string of well devised verbal jokes and trick performances of an exceptionally entertaining nature.
In fact he was as popular as the star performers, attracting and involving a large crowd for some hilarious moments of joy.

In the main hall, Piva were performing some of their well tried and tested routines, with some new hands on board.
This style of music is guaranteed to get us in a seasonal mood and with some audience participation, this is always different from the CD experience.
The rooms were decked out with seasonal Tudor treats - a sugar table with cakes, buns, jellies and delights was a costly thing in those days.
In the Hall, the refectory table was groaning with savoury dishes, pies, breads, eggs, and other finery.  It is good to see such historically connected foods and decorations.
Little Morton will be closing for electrical re-wiring over the winter.  This is the last event of the year.

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