Monday, 31 December 2018

New Year approaches

Sat 29th:  Went to open the garage and the up and over door collapsed on me.
Used a pole to prop the door up so that I could get the car out, had a cuppa.
Spent half an hour working the door closed and bolting it down to make the door secure - car on drive.
Rang around to see if I could get someone in to sort it out and got no-reply or ansaphone messages.  One company responded and said they could get someone out on Monday morning - Yes Please!

Mon 31st: Garage door technician turned up at 8:20 and took a look at the door.  His assessment went like this: "A replacement door would be too expensive, but a repair would be better as your door is better quality than any of the replacements on offer and I have the parts on my van to do the job."
45 minutes later and I have a working garage door, job paid for and door looking OK.   Based in Mansfield, Notts, with tradesmen registered in most cities and large towns, including Stoke-on-Trent.

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