Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Big ears and the tree stump

 Today I have completed the extraction of the big Leylandii stump near the back of the garden shed.  It took about 5 hours overall to dig it out and cut the roots with hand tools (over 4 days).  The last part of the job was cutting out three big roots on one side and freeing it from the ground.  The next job will be to order a skip and put this and the remaining branches and greenery in for disposal.
 One of the foxes was out early this morning, 8:30 instead of 9:15ish.  These cubs are now adult size and they are looking very healthy and alert.  This one came to see what I had been doing in the garden, checked out the stump, rolled on the soil in the bed where I had picked the last of the potatoes and peeked around the side of the greenhouse at Rosie in the conservatory.
Usually the light levels are too low to photograph the foxes now, but the early visit was a camera call that I could not miss.

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