Saturday, 5 October 2019

FlightSim 2019

Today I visited RAF Cosford for the flight simulator meeting. This year it is a two day event and I am attending Day 1 with an option for Day 2.
The car park was full very quickly and marshals were guiding traffic into the car parking areas.  Even the edges of the hard standing into the maintenance area was being used to park cars.  I do not remember such a busy event.
The usual queues into Hanger 1 were dealt with very efficiently and I collected my goody bag with assorted treats for the simmer, including the coveted one size fits all Orbx baseball hat.
The hanger was busy and buzzing with activity.  I did an initial fast tour to see what was happening and the became selective about who to see first.
SWFSG were demonstrating using a helicopter control column which was much more functional that the gaming sticks that most simmers use.  I covert such a stick, but I am put off by the cost.
Midland Computers had a very good display  of three different computers running 3 different setups, all with standard controls.  There were many innovations on display across the hangar and many good offers for those who were looking to spend money on new equipment and software.
My main reason for the visit was to go to the talks by Orbx and Laminar Research.  A chance to catch up on the latest innovations and changes that are forthcoming.

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