Friday, 1 November 2019

IR wildlife camera

Rosie and I went out yesterday and purchased a Maginon WK4 HDW wildlife camera.  We had talked about doing this with some of the proceeds of the sale of our old car.
This little camera is a battery powered unit with a weatherproof casing.  It can be strapped to a post or a tree or wall mounted and it is activated by movement.
With a little bait and the camera strapped to a convenient tree we set it up and waited to see what turned up in the garden.  The time, date and ambient temperature are logged on each image.  No surprise that we saw foxes on the photos.  The Infra Red really makes their eyes shine out in the dark.

 The settings were adjusted to take one photo and a short video clip at each activation.  This is a typical video result.  Whilst the camera was set, it was activated 32 times in 3 hours.  Some of the clips showed moths and cranefly on and around the lawn.

We were hoping to catch a badger, but no such luck last night.  Perhaps we may be lucky at a future date and in a different location.

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