Thursday, 26 December 2019

Christmas Day 2019

This time of year is all about thought and consideration for others.  With our friends and family mostly living several hours driving away and the weather being wet and windy, we made the decision to spend a restful Christmas day at home.  This is the first day in many when the car remained in the Garage.
First is the morning chores, clearing up and feeding the birds.
Then a seasonal slow breakfast with croissants, jam and coffee.  Check out the days news and do a crossword.
This year we have been frugal with the decorations - a few twinkly lights in the windows, cards from family and friends and a few small simple seasonal decorations as well as a small display of greenery brought in from the garden.
Yesterday I prepared most of the food for dinner, so cooking was a matter of heating or baking everything and making some sauce at the last minute.  Chestnut roast en-croute and baked or steamed seasonal vegetables, stuffing balls and red cabbage - with a small glass of red wine (possibly my first this year)!
An hour or so after the main course, we turned out Rosie's home made pudding.
Coffee and a long and leisurely rest in front of the TV was the order of the afternoon.

The evening fox visits were recorded on out outdoor camera.  The video clips from the evening were a final treat to watch before we retired for the night.

We are looking forward to a long walk when the weather improves a little.

Footnote: The TV adverts this year were excessively about booking holidays, something that is usually done on new Years Day.  I also recieved a very large number of E-Mails about sales and offers on Christmas Day.  Not, to my mind, what the day is about.  All were deleted as a block and not read.  Grumpy old man in charge here......

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