Saturday, 25 January 2020

Garden Birds

 Today Rosie did the Big Garden Bird Watch so I sat and counted with her.  Camera in hand, we sat through the normal morning flurry of activity, expecting to see a good range of the usual birds that visit our feeders.  Goldfinch numbers are high and the Chaffinches are now visiting regularly, a few years ago we would not expect to see Chaffinches.
 The Coal Tit visits in low numbers, usually accompanied by Blue Tit and Great Tit, but today the Tits were infrequent and alone.
 We had charged the feeders with a little extra this morning to account for the invasion if the Starlings, which was less intense than normal.
Our main residents, the sparrows were also under-represented as we know the garden contains 20-30 sparrows at any one time, but they were appearing in small numbers for the count.

Rosies count.

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