Thursday, 14 May 2020

Avatar Forest

Some time ago, I was asked to to generate a scenery for the Zhengjaijie National Forest Park near Wulingyuan.  The local airport was a Gateway airport - with US standard buildings, so I have updated the airport to a representation of its Chinese form.  This is my first flight on the simulator (X-Plane 11) from this new scenery model.

Using the Diamond Twin DA62 from my hangar, I started up and taxied out from Zhengjiajie Hehua Airport to fly North to the National Forest Park.
The Avatar Forest (as it is casually known) is to the right of the big cliff on the horizon, about centre screen.
First sighting shows the tops of the rock columns.
This is a massive scenery - spot the tiny aircraft over the rock columns.  This Karst limestone scenery has some columns which are vast.  The Beilong Elevator lifts tourists 1070 feet to the top of one structure, making it the largest outdoor lift in the world.
Passing over Wulingyuan in a north easterly direction I headed out to the Glass Bridge.
The bridge is off to the right along the river plain.
This structure is the Skywalk Bridge measuring a span of 1410 feet and having a ground elevation of 980 feet at its centre-span.  Tourists are walking on 2 inch thick, tripple layered glass panels with a clear view of the gorge below (the gorge is a no-fly zone).
Picking up the signal from the airport locator beacon, it is time to head back over the mountain ridges to land.
 This is the view on the simulator screen, which is a three screen wrap around showing the scenery across the forward and side views as I approach the airfield location. Confirm landing permission and switch on landing lights.
 Turning into the runway approach.
 Aligning with the runway and adjusting speed and angle of descent on the flight path.  Flaps and wheels down at this point.
 Final approach to touchdown.
Parked up and ready to put the kettle on for a cuppa.

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