Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Continuing Lockdown

 This week, our creaky old washing machine failed in a big way.  The outer drum was split near to the failing main bearing.  Off with the concrete block and out for the rag and bone, it was gone the next day.
 An on line order has delivered a brand new machine with all of the modern efficiencies (A++).  The service drains have been cleaned out and the new machine installed.  The wash cycles are generally longer than the old one, but at least the kitchen floor is dry.
 A supermarket home delivery or two has left us with ample plastic bags.  This is something we are no longer used to.  These ones have become planters for potatoes and this should increase our food yield this year. They will be recycled when they are finished with.
 The garden path has been sprouting weeds for quite some time.  The wet weather in the winter and early spring meant that we were unable to do anything with the path.  Now I am going through the gravel, weeding it and re-washing it to clean up the mess.
Most of the path has new been cleaned and there are just a few meters left to do.

Having so much time at home is is some ways a bonus.  These jobs do get sorted much quicker.
Stay Safe.

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