Saturday, 13 June 2020

Garden Crops

 When we cleared the bed against the front fence, I recovered a straggly carnation, which I am now growing into several pots.  When the runners have rooted they will be planted out as separate plants.
 The netting cage is doing well.  It has kept most pests and bigger animals away from the plants and has stood high winds and torrential rain without detrement.
 The rows of root vegetables look crisp and clean so far.
 Fruits and leaf vegetables are also doing exceptionally well in this caged bed.
 The greenhouse is still a bit of a shambles, with a large anount of plants packed in.
Potatoes are in full leaf and tomatoes are growing, but they are not as tall as I would have expected after a spell of cool weather.
I have tried to grow courgettes from seed as I do every year, bit this year, 3 different packets of seed have failed to germinate, so no courgettes - unless I can get some at a garden nursery next week.

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