Friday, 5 June 2020

How many badgers are there?

We have had Urban foxes for years and there has been the odd night when a badger has visited.  With lockdown for CoViD 19, it seems that wildlife is on an upturn.
Our wildlife camera picked up lots of Badgers two nights ago, this is mum and dad keeping an eye on the three offspring.

Last night, the youngsters were out in the dusk, which is unusual for badgers.  The temperature had dropped overnight and the cooler conditions had probably left them hungry.

As long suspected, we are now able to confirm that the Foxes have 3 cubs.  Not a great camera angle, but all three are in the frame at once.

Rosie has treated me to a bat detector (as an early birthday present) which is going to give a better idea of the types of bats we have been seeing around the garden at night. Last night the cool weather conditions and rain were not conducive to bat sightings.
I picked up one lone bat passing overhead, but did not see it.  I also noticed that at specific frequencies, the detector would pick up a background buzz, which is probably from high flying insects.  Tomorrow night may be better!

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