Sunday, 7 December 2008

Wolseley Gardens

The Wolseley Gardens are an area of constructed natural wildlife habitat at the side of the River Trent just north of Rugeley in Staffordshire. It is next to the Wyvale Garden Centre. At the heart of the Gardens is a visitor Centre with a small shop and a resources room.
There is a great deal of wetland habitat and the ducks and waterfowl are seen in abundance at different times of year. We saw a lot of mallard and a family of mute swans along with other small waterbirds.
In the wildlife garden, the bird feeders were in full use. with a variety of tits of all sorts, robins, nuthatch and blackbirds. The doves and pigeons were having some difficulty as their prefered space was taken up by.....
....a very hungry squirrel.
In fact most wild animals are on the lookout for easy food at this time of year. The buzzards are flying quite frequently and we saw three in the space of an hour today.
When I was washing the pots this morning I saw a large dog fox sitting in the garden on the upper lawn. I dried my hands and went to fetch my camera, but by then the fox had gone. So I went back to the kitchen, having put the camera away. I did not expect to see the fox again, but it casually strolled across the lawn and glanced back as it disappeared into the borders and off of the garden.

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