Sunday, 1 March 2009

Signs of Spring

Today is the first day of March - A new month and a new expectation of improving weather. Yesterday I saw some frogs in the pond, so today I was intent on photographing them. I like to see which frogs are about and compare them to last years visitors.
On my tour of the garden I spotted this cock sparrow in the Berberis bush. The sparrows sit in the garden bushes and occasionally flit across to the feeders and back. The seemed unusually placid this morning
The Hazel is in flower, so I should expect a lot of hazel nuts this year, if I can get to them before the local squirrels do.
Rhubarb is growing a pace, so there is the expectation of lots of pies, puddings and crumbles to come, perhaps even some wine?
Ah, the pond - looking a bit forlorn after the winter freeze. There was a frog, but they are so alert at this time of year that they disappear deep into the water at the slightest movement. They should be spawning soon, which means that they will be less defensive and more easily photographed. No photo opportunities today.

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