Thursday, 3 June 2010


The BBC are broadcasting the Spring watch programs and Chloe is engrossed in the TV spectacle again.  She cannot resist the amazing bird images and video clips.  As soon as the title music starts, she is up in front of the TV.  This year she has realised that if she sits on the coffee table, she will have a better view of the screen.
Update:  The thrushes in our garden returned the the nest in our Ceanothus bush at the edge of the patio. They are now both taking food back and forth.  This suggests that their eggs have hatched and they are busy feeding their second brood.  They are moving further afield to find food as the snail population in our garden is all but extinct now.  The male bird likes the bread we put out.  He can clearly recognise the advantage of eating home made produce!
For the first time in many years we have greenfinch.  The local population disappeared when disease decimated the greenfinch population within the UK.  They have now returned - at least 2 males observed - and they are resident at the edge of the garden.

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PracticalTreehugger said...

Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures on your blog. I really enjoyed them.