Saturday, 29 October 2011

All slabbed now

 Now that I have had a little time to finish the patio, the slabs are down and it is looking better.  Plants have been added to replace the lost heathers.  The new paviors are metric and unworn.  They are about 3mm larger than the old slabs, but that does not show now that they are laid.  The next job will be in the Spring when I will re-lay the old slabs that are uneven.
 The squirrels in the park are very active at present.  There are beech nuts to be consumed and still quite a lot of conkers on the ground.
I also took a picture of this canary, which lives in the aviery at the back of Newcastle Museum on The Brampton.  All are enjoying the warm weather which, I suspect, will soon return to its Autumnal norm.

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